An elder who has devoted his life to the town of Chitzena and the history it represents, and acts as a tour guide for the town and its ruins.


In the sacred ruins (A2), by the entrance.


He will tell you the story of the Chalice of Chance, which was taken from the ruins by Deidranna. Yanni will ask you to return it to the people of Chitzena. The Chalice is on exposition at the museum in Balime, sector L12. Bring the sacred artifact back to its rightful owners and see a major loyalty boost throughout Arulco . In this way you will also be able to recruit militia in Balime, otherwise the loyalty is too low for training.


  • "This is a peaceful corner of our country.  There is no need for violence or anger."
  • "I have vowed to remain in Chitzena until my death.  I shall fulfill my obligation."
  • "Ten years ago, you would not even be able to get near the ruins.  The crowds would form as far away as Cambria."
  • "My highest appreciation.  It is wonderful.  I did not beileve I would ever see the golden chalice again.  The people will hear of your deed.  Word travels very fast here.  your journey shall be facilitated by their gratefulness."
  • "I must attend to my responsibilities.  I shall not be far."
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