"This homemade x-ray device looks like it will actually function, flashing a vibrating x-ray pulse and crudely displaying the results on its LCD. Batteries required."

Made by combining a X-ray Device with a Display Unit.  Requires the attachment of batteries to function.  

Once batteries are slotted into the device, the detector can be used by right clicking on the device.  This will change the cursor into a remote (similar to the one that appears when using a Remote Trigger), along with the number of action points it will take (2) to activate the device during turn-based combat.

Left clicking will cause the locations of any opponents in the area to appear as dots on your minimap.  Note that they will not appear on the main screen - only on the minimap.  Each use of the Detector will drain its batteries - after about a half dozen uses, the batteries will need to be replaced.

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