Winchester Model 1300 (12g Shotgun and 12g Rifle)
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12 Gauge

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A pair of weapons found in Jagged Alliance, and Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games.  In these games, they are referred to as the .12g Shotgun, and the .12g Rifle.  

Both weapons use .12 gauge ammunition, and neither weapon appears in later games.  Although the .12g Shotgun is not modifiable, the .12g Rifle can be modded with a Chunk of Steel, to improve power.


.12g Shotgun

JADG12gShotgun.png "A Winchester, Model 1300, stainless marine defender, pump-action shotgun with metal-bead front sight, traditional-ribbed forearm, and six .12 gauge shell capacity. Though not fast, its range exceeds that of any available handgun." - Jagged Alliance

Despite its description, the .12g Shotgun tends to be quickly outmatched and forgotten, first by modified versions of high end pistols such as the .357 Magnum and Ruger Redhawk Revolver , then by other, better long weapons such as the M-14.

Despite its name, and unlike its counterparts in Jagged Alliance 2, this weapon is unable to fire a buckshot-like spray of bullets.

This weapon cannot be equipped with a Sniper Scope.

.12g Rifle


"A modified version of their stock .12 gauge, this gas-operated, semi-automatic, double-barreled combat shotgun with a six shell capacity offers fast, long range operation, and has made the standard .12 gauge virtually obsolete." - Jagged Alliance

A hands-down better version of the .12g shotgun, the rifle has slightly more staying power than its predecessor, with the upgrade granting it certain advantages against powerful handguns, though its low ammo capacity and average performance make it quickly displaceable by the M14.

Ivan comes equipped with this weapon in his arsenal, in Deadly Games.

Unlike the shotgun, this weapon can be equipped with a Sniper Scope.

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