A piece of equipment that appears in Jagged Alliance and Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games. Allows the detection of noise and movement, and hence the presence of others, through walls.

Official Description

"As an instrument of detection, the probe is capable of hearing sounds, including voices and timing devices, that are unknowingly being transmitted through practically any surface it has been placed on." - Jagged Alliance

When placed against a nearby wall, the wall probe will report one of several sound tags, which indicates the presence (or lack thereof) of any individuals on the other side.

There are variants within each sound tag, but they can generally be divided into the following:

  • Silence
  • Single Person (unaware) - faint or close footsteps, yawning, coughing, movement of furniture
  • Single Person (aware) - faint or close footsteps, usually accompanied with the loading of a gun
  • Multiple People (unaware) - laughing, muffled conversation, footsteps
  • Multiple People (aware) - multiple loading guns, one liners such as "time to earn our paychecks!"
  • World Details - these tags generally are heard on a specific day, through the first wall you listen to that has multiple people on the other side. The conversation is generally slightly muffled, but clear enough to be understood, and hint at certain things going on around the island, such as the theft of the headstone, Brenda's kidnapping, or the encrypted notes that Santino sends his men.


  • An extremely useful item, critical for avoiding enemy interrupts when walking through doors or approaching buildings, and sees the most use in the mid-to-late game.
  • Mercs that come equipped with a Wall Probe include Ice Williams and Col. Leo Kelly. (not in Jagged Alliance)
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