Waldo Zimmer is a mechanic working in the Drassen airport, in sector B13. He specializes in airplanes. It is unknown if he also specializes in air conditioners.

Talking to him leads him to mention the helicopter parked in the airport helipad. He mentions that the helicopter is in working condition but is in need of a new pilot, as the previous one was a soldier working for Deidranna and was killed when the player cleared the sector of enemies.

He brings up the existence of another pilot, though he isn't able to remember his name. He mentions that he saw him wearing waders, looking paranoid, and smelling heavily of a swamp.

Waldo talks with a Southern American accent (probably Alabama state)

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  • "Waldo Zimmer. Certified aeroplane mechanic. Graduated in '90 from Barlitz School of Aviation and Air Conditioner Repair."
  • "Feels like rain."
  • "Uh huh."
  • "Yup.  Helicopter works alright.  But you killed the pilot.  Course, there was another fella, can't remember his name.  Saw him around here, oh, not a week ago, wearin' big wader boots.  He kinda smelt like a swamp, too.  Think he's in some kinda trouble with the army.  He was sneakin' around, makin' sure nobody saw 'im.  He's probably one of them draft dodger fellas.  Bet the army could really use another pilot too.  You kinda created an immediate openin'."
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