Wahan is a Metaviran native and guide who appears in Jagged Alliance.


"I have one last man to offer you. Even though the others have met misfortune, he's still willing to go." - Jack Richards

Wahan is the fourth and last native working for Jack that he will offer you as a guide, if you have room in your team. Wahan will be offered a few days after Juan is fired or killed. Like the other native guides, he is free of charge and will offer tidbits of information on the various sectors of Metavira as you travel through them.

Additional Bio

Being a native healer, he is very spiritually inclined.




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Liked by

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Disliked by

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Hiring Info

  • Starting two days after Juan has been fired or killed, Jack will randomly offer you his assistance should you have less than eight mercenaries on your team.
  • Cannot be bribed.
  • Will not steal from you.
  • Firing him will not count toward your A.I.M. Turnover ratio.
  • Should he get killed, it won't affect your A.I.M. Death ratio either, but it will affect your Native Death ratio.

Will quit if:

  • If you receive less than a Fair rating for five days in a row.

Additional Info

  • Like Juan, Wahan has a practical skill and is a decent medic. While not as skilled as many of A.I.M.'s medical staff, Wahan is competent enough to serve as a cheap-as-free base-bound doctor.
  • As both his marksmanship and his agility are worse than any of his predecessors, its recommended to keep him away from the field.
  • With a marksmanship of 11, Wahan possesses the worst marksmanship of any character in the entire series, with only NPC's such as Martha Graham of Jagged Alliance 2 managing to go any lower.

Like all native guides:

  • He cannot improve any skill.
  • He has the Heat Resistant trait, making him unaffected by the heat waves that regularly roll through on Metavira.
  • He can translate Hervos' message.
  • He's extremely good at avoiding and killing Metaviran eels.


  • "Be still! I see evil one." - Enemy spotted
  • "Evil one must die!" - When shot at
  • "I be helpless... no bullets."
  • "Bad spirits guide you, but I obey." - When ordered to shoot a merc
  • "My spirit leaves... I be dying." - When agonizing
  • "Great water spirit call to me..." - When drowning
  • "You be troubled with strange spirits..." - When groped

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