The underslung grenade launcher, also known as the Talon, is one of the available gun attachments appearing in Jagged Alliance 2.  A version also appears in Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games, simply called a grenade launcher.


Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games

Jagged Alliance 2

"The "Talon" US military grenade launcher is known to propel enemies into the waiting claws of death."


Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games

When attached to long guns, it can launch any available thrown grenade a long distance, much farther than any merc could throw it.  The grenades travel with a flat trajectory, unlike a mortar.  Molotov Cocktails cannot be launched in this manner.

Jagged Alliance 2

When attached to long guns, it can fire 40 mm grenades, specially designed for this purpose. Note that two attachment slots are required as the 40mm grenade is "loaded" by attaching it to a gun with a launcher like an attachment.  Like thrown grenades, if the explosive does not impact against an obstacle or individual, it will bounce several times before exploding.



Assault Rifles

Light Machine Guns


As with all attachable items, Jagged Alliance 2 v1.13 introduces several types of underslung launcher.

Colt M203Pl

  • The 'standard' underslung launcher, attachable only to American assault rifles and fires 40mm grenades


  • A Russian underslung launcher, attachable only to Russian AK assault rifles, fires 40 mm "VOG" grenades (different from standard 40mm grenades)


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