Trevor Colby is a mercenary first appearing in Jagged Alliance 2, hirable from A.I.M..

Official description

"Aussie whiz-kid and gadget-master Trevor Colby can turn a harmless toaster oven into a lethal weapon. He has extensive knowledge of explosives and a knack for opening doors. A practical joker at heart, Trevor takes as much delight in planning and setting a trap as he does in watching its perfect execution. Colby may be a little inexperienced but he catches on quickly. 

Additional info



  • "Crim's up there. I see 'em!"
  • "Gotcha, ya nong!"
  • "Now wuss at?"
  • "What's that then?"
  • "Beautiful!"
  • "Hells bells!" - When more than 3 enemies appear
  • "Aw, no... looks like danger, mate!" - When finding a land mine
  • "Aw, mate that there's a right fine trap..." - When finding a trapped lock
  • "Bonza! Persistence pays off." - When gaining a level
  • "Look at me, mate! Ya know yer gettin' value for the dollar." - When his price increases
  • "Wey hey! They're all dead! Gotta give 'em an "A" for effort, though."
  • "Hoo-roo. All right then..."
  • "'Strewth...I'm about to lose me brekkie!" - Spotting a rotted corpse
  • "Sure, if I wanted to kark it. Sorry, mate." - refuse to join



Liked by

  • None


Disliked by


  • Widely considered the best items merger, and is able to pick every lock in the game, apart from the keycard locks in Orta.
  • Gets expensive quickly due to low starting level for his salary.
  • If used for repairs from early game, Barry Unger can do both of these jobs.
  • Best used for short contracts where lots of repairs, explosives disarmament, or other mechanics/explosives work need to be done efficiently and in short order, and no one else is on hand. Think of it as calling a mechanic, rather than having one work for you in-house. Though needless to say, the situations where this is necessary are generally few.

Personality Profile

  • Typical cheerful Aussie.
  • Speaks English with a heavy Aussie accent.
  • Has an underlying intelligence and cunning.
  • Slightly flippant.
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