A mercenary hirable from the M.E.R.C. roster. He appears in the file listing after Larry Roachburn and before Jim "Cougar" Wallace.

Official description

"Tim Sutton suffers from a bad case of visual offensiveness and no one has been willing to give him a break. His bad haircut and neck tattoo has hindered this mercenary's career pursuits despite an otherwise impressive resume including martial arts and night ops training. His marksmanship and medical abilities are also excellent." - M.E.R.C. dossier




  • "Made the trek! Buh I ain't gonna just piss meh time away standin 'ere!" (- Arrived at destination / move)
  • "All great chaps, if you don't mind workin' with poofs, spoogewads and skags."
  • "If anyone's smart they'll just leave me the 'ell alone."
  • "It's about time." - improvement
  • "Take it easy. I'm outta breath." - winded
  • "Aye, it's your war, pal. I did me duty for ya." - when fired



Liked by


Disliked by


  • A skilled and able mercenary - however, he is reviled by (and reviles) many members of AIM, making him difficult to work with.
  • One of only two mercs to share exact first names with another merc (without including diminutive variations such as "Bobby" for "Robert").



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