A merc hirable from M.E.R.C., he is available from the organization's opening.

Official Description

"Tim is a brilliant explosives expert who catches on quickly. When it comes to explosives though, there really isn't much room for error. Tim Hillman would probably still be enrolled in Harvard, doing graduate studies in electro-magnetic research, if it wasn't for a couple bouts of severe depression...possibly due to the constant exposure to EMF.

Additional Info:

Due to acute allergies, Tim prefers to work in northern climates."

- M.E.R.C. Dossier



Jagged Alliance 2

Unfinished Business


  • "I'm on location.  Ready for the next scene." - arrived at location
  • "They're heeeeeere!" - spotting an enemy
  • "More bad news." - spotting more enemy
  • "My ass is grass!" - spotting a lot of enemies
  • "It's a start anyway." - skill increase
  • "Better you than me!" - killed enemy
  • "Last one down.  That was better than Reservoir Dogs, man!" - sector clear



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Liked by

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Disliked by


  • One of only two mercs to share exact first names with another merc (without including diminutive variations such as "Bobby" for "Robert").
  • His face is actually of a Ja2 game internals programmer, Chris Camfield, as seen in Credits.
  • Heat intolerant
  • a movie geek, and peppers everything he says with references
  • talks with a LOT of saliva
  • incredibly high wisdom means he could become VERY able, with time
  • his trait is electronics, however his mechanical skill is 0, meaning that in vanilla JA2 his trait is useless as he won't be able to increase mechanical skill past zero.
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