Tiffany "Joe" Eddie

"Underworld gangster and freelance Hitman. Believed to be responsible for the following assassinations: Sam "Pizza face" Grimoldo, Johnny "the medallion" Cuzi, and Luigi "Six Toes" Gardillio. Currently running from both the mob and international police forces for the shooting death of a UN member that he mistook for Bobby "The Asian" Chow." - Intercept dossier

Appears as an otherwise innocuous man named "Joe", encountered on the street. Looks vaguely familiar and has an extremely heavy New York Italian accent.

Is in reality Tiffany Eddie, a target on Carmen Dancio's wanted terrorists list.


Random: Can be found in Alma, Grumm, Cambria, San Mona, and Balime.


If Tiffany is found in a residential area, such as I14, he'll have been living in one of the houses, which will contain a locked chest containing:


  • Stereotypical familia.


  • "I come down for a vacation. So's I get a war! Da luck I have, you know? Itza bad."
  • "Hey, you settle this little turf war of yours first before you talk to me."
  • "Fuggedabaddit!"
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