A mercenary hireable from A.I.M., first appearing in Jagged Alliance 2.

Official description

"This vegetarian New Age healer has an amazing grasp of medicine for a man who's never seen the inside of a university med school. He also has a decent grasp for killing quickly and quietly. Born on outskirts of Berlin, he now calls California home where he lives in the mountains with his newborn son and ex-wife, Cassandra."

Additional info

  • Slight German accent
  • An easy-going new age and professional killer with scientific terminology in his dialogue.
  • Switches to German expressions when the situation is tense.
  • He switches between the direct rigidity of his upbringing and his newfound inner-tranquillity.




  • "I should let you know that as a vegetarian, I don't eat the regular tinned rations...but I can usually scrounge a meal from the local flora. So it is not as if I need any special supplies." - on call
  • "I like Static, he makes me laugh" - when Static succeeds.
  • "Lucky to be alive - good to feel that way once in a while." - near miss
  • "Ice is the kind of man I'm proud to serve with." -praise quote
  • "Not me, no sir. I have an ex-wife and child to support, and your command tends to be deadly." - refuse to join



Liked by


  • None

Disliked by



  • Very high total status points, well-balanced in most attributes
  • Above average doctor
  • Extremely high Wisdom
  • Very good for close combat (stealth and hand to hand combined with high physical stats)
  • Training militia (61 Leadership)
  • Relatively cheap considering his attributes
  • Starts off with a silencer (only one of two characters to do so)


  • Marksmanship is only average but can be improved rapidly thanks to high Wisdom
  • Night Ops is better than Stealth at night, and offers a bonus to "Required Sleep." Stealth, however, aids in building clearing/flanking/daytime
  • Hand to Hand does more raw damage (and can be used in conjunction with knuckles and crowbars for even more damage), but Martial Arts have greater melee accuracy and defense, defensive bonuses against knives, and grants a bonus to "Required Sleep." Thus, considering the limited opportunities and extreme risk in melee combat, martial arts offers much better passive bonuses.
  • Overall, Thor has no glaring weaknesses. He has excellent stats and amazing potential, but he's balanced by the choice of two skills that have better alternatives (in Night Ops and Martial Arts).
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