The Hicks are a family gang of lawless hillbilly hicks lead by Daryl Hick, they live on a cattle farm outside of Cambria.

They have been continually terrorizing the people of the city, and making it impossible for people to do business there. Keith Hemps in particular is affected, as any guns he acquires to sell in his general store the Hicks immediately steal.

Rumors say that they've stashed away enough weapons on their farm to start a war.


The entire family of Hicks can be found on a farm east of Cambria University, in Sector F10.




  • The Hicks, as a group are extremely inbred, moronic and violent.
  • One should tread carefully around their farm if you're not looking to shoot them all right away. Actions such as hurting their cattle, taking anything out of their weapons shed, trying to take any of the beer out of their fridge, or threatening either Daryl or Darrel one too many times will cause them to quickly turn violent.  Be mindful to explore during the day - approaching the farm during nighttime will also prompt them to shoot anything on sight.
  • Despite being where they keep "the rest of the girls", and mentions of women by various Hick goons, the barn on the east side of the farm seems to be completely empty.

Known members

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