Steve "Grizzly" Bornell is a mercenary hirable from A.I.M..  He makes his first appearance in Jagged Alliance 2.

Official description

"A bear of a man, Grizzly Bornell carries the big guns of battle with authority. Even though heavy weapons are his speciality, he is just as lethal when left empty-handed. He's a soldier's soldier--all guts and no need for glory. Not surprisingly, his combat exploits are almost always the talk of the plane ride home."

Additional info

  • Big and burly, a bear of a man.
  • His toughness is to such an extent it borders on comical, yet understated. No need for kickass statements, it is simply understood.
  • Friendly, and without pretence, he's the type of guy you'd want next to you in combat.
  • Voice: Deep, warm, reassuring.
  • Not a big fan of traditional medical techniques, views them as crazy.




  • "I don't trust Dr. Q.  And neither should you."
  • "You bring the brain, I'll bring the brawn.  Y'know." - on call
  • "FIGHTING TIME!" - enemy spotted
  • "How about that Bull, eh?  I love this guy!" - Bull performs well
  • "I knew there was somethin' I liked about Wolf." - praise quote
  • "Way to be, Shadow. He knows what he's doin'." - praise quote
  • "Don't wanna shock ya, but prices are only guaranteed for the length of the contract." - salary increase
  • "Sometimes, there just isn't any other way. Sad to say, but it's the truth. I didn't see an alternative." after killing Doreen Harrows
  • "With your record, you'd better off lookin' for kamikazes." - refuse to join
  • "Nah! From what I've heard, you and me wouldn't see eye-to-eye." - refuse to join
  • "Hm. Any chance this box came through Harlem's Lightfingers Shipping Company? It's not all here!" - shipment was stolen



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