A mergable Junk item found in Jagged Alliance 2. The equivalent of the Chunk of Steel from Jagged Alliance and Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games.


"A basic raw piece of steel, looking for a home."


  • one or more around the junkyard in Estoni.
  • Has a chance of appearing in houses.
  • Often found lying around factory structures, such as in Grumm or Alma.

In the first Jagged Alliance, it is usually found on sinks, cabinets or in destroyed buildings like in S46.

Known locations of Chunk of Steel in Jagged Alliance:

S02, S03, S22, S25, S46


Used to make a Gun Barrel Extender (Steel Tube + Quick Glue + Duct Tape)

Jagged Alliance

In Jagged Alliance and Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games, gun barrel extensions are made from a Chunk of Steel item, which the Steel Tube seems to be conceptually derived from, as both items appear as tube-shaped pieces of scrap metal. The Chunk of Steel can be attached directly to most handguns and rifles to give them extra range, accuracy and power, similar to a Gun Barrel Extender.

  • In the case of revolvers such as the .357 Magnum or .44 Redhawk (Deadly Games), will allow it to be fitted with a Silencer. This fact should not be overlooked, as the extended-barrel magnum is one of the most powerful silenced weapons in the game.
  • As with all makeshift attachments, a mercenary with a high mechanical skill is needed to properly attach the Chunk of Steel to a weapon without damaging either item.
  • Chunks of Steel are often be found in sectors with wrecked buildings or bathroom areas in them, such as the destroyed lab in S46.
  • Unlike guns modified with a Gun Barrel Extender in Jagged Alliance 2, weapons modified with Chunks of Steel are permanently changed, with no chance of the modification falling off. On the item screen, the barrel of the weapon seems to be physically extended and modified.

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