Sniper Scope in Jagged Alliance and Deadly Games

Sniper Scope is a gun attachment that appears throughout the series, first appearing in Jagged Alliance.

Official description

"Extremely versatile, this scope is a desired attachment for some revolvers and most rifles. With accurate windage adjustment, a range-finder precision scale and coated optics, it significantly improves accuracy." - Jagged Alliance

"This scope that can be attached to most rifles, significantly improves targeting with its accurate windage adjustment, range-finder precision scale, and its coated optics." - Jagged Alliance 2


Effective range to target is decreased by 20% for every level of aiming.


Some sequels and mods of Jagged Alliance 2 offer different types of scopes, suitable for different purposes.

Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire:

  • Leupold Mark IV Scope (JA2: Wildfire)
  • "Leupold Mark IV Ultra M1 Scope. 10 power 40mm, tactile and elevation adjustments. the super quality scope of SWAT and US military snipers."

Jagged Alliance 2 v1.13:

  • Small Scope - 2x magnification for revolvers, shotguns and some machine pistols and SMGs.  Does not fit pistols, but does fit most rifles and assault rifles.
  • Battle Scope - 7x "standard" power scope usable by most long weapons.  Does not fit on shotguns or sniper rifles.
  • PSO-1, PSO-3 - 4x and 8x scopes that fits strictly on AK variants (of which there are many).  PSO-3 only fits Russian sniper rifles.
  • Sniper Scope - 10x standard-issue scope for sniper rifles.  Does not fit Russian sniper rifles.
  • ACOG 4x, ACOG Combo - versatile 4x scopes that can fit on almost all weapons except pistols, machine pistols and SMGs.  ACOG combo combines sight with a Reflex Sight to allow reflex sighting on weapons with no fittings for Reflex Sights.
  • No. 32 Scope - an archaic 3x scope used only for American WW2-era bolt action rifles
  • ZF-42 Scope - an archaic 3x scope used only for German WW2-era bolt action rifles
  • PEM Scope - an archaic 3x scope used only for the Mosin-Nagant rifle


Jagged Alliance:

  • Attachable to all long weapons, as well as the 9mm Beretta, Modified 9mm Beretta, and Modified .357 Magnum. Note that a merc must hold the weapon in the right hand to attach the scope in the slot below it.

Jagged Alliance 2:

  • Can be attached to most sniper rifles, rifles and assault rifles, along with a few SMGs. To attach it, right-click on the weapon while holding the scope and place it on one of the attachment slots.


  • Various crates and containers. Becomes relatively common midway through the game.
  • Bobby Ray's

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