An old homeless man that can be found rummaging through the junkyard in Estoni.

The Army burned down his home and murdered his family, taking everything away from him in one fell swoop.

Additional Info

  • He will give you a keycard for the basement of Orta, if you give him any item (value doesn't matter). Without the card, you will have two other options:
    1. Either you give Walter Bazzon $20,000.
    2. Or blow a hole in the inside wall. Do not blow up the door because it seems indestructible. Instead aim with LAW at the wall little south from the door (the explosives may possibly work as well).


Estoni, sector I6.


  • "I got dibs, that's all I'm saying. Only kidding, of course. You aren't going to find anything around here that I haven't already seen. Spend my days sifting through this dump. I have to keep laughing. Try to keep a smile on my face. No point in dwellin' over one's situation. I eat what i find, find what I eat. It wasn't always like that, but well, what can I do?
    Army burned down my home four years ago. Everything I had was in it, including my family. They took my whole life from me in less than five minutes. Got no purpose now. Just wandering around trying to survive and wondering why I bother.
    Now if Deidranna were to get what's coming to her, then that would be worth staying alive for. Don't tell anyone this, but I'm figuring when this war lifts, well, I'll get me enough junk so's I can start my own yard."
  • Well, I ain't getting any younger...
  • My prime has come and passed, I'm afraid.
  • Rat got your ass er something?
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