An attachable item that appears in all iterations of the Jagged Alliance series.


"The light, compact design of this silencer can be fitted easily to most handguns and sub-machine guns."

When successfully attached to a gun, the silencer will dampen the noise created when firing the gun, adding the ability both kill and move while sneaking.

Typically attachable only to pistols and other small weapons. Equipping your weapon with a silencer precludes the attachment of a Gun Barrel Extender.

Appears in all iterations of the game, starting from the first.


As with nearly all items, Jagged Alliance 2 v1.13 introduces several types of suppressors.

  • Flash Suppressor - only suppresses the muzzle flash, preventing enemies from immediately locating a concealed shooter.
  • Pistol Suppressor - a silencer for pistols and machine pistols.
  • AR Suppressor - a sound suppressor for assault rifles. Cannot be fitted to rifles.
  • Sniper Suppressor - an extremely large and heavy suppressor fitted over sniper rifles.
  • Subsonic/Cold-Load Ammo - specialized ammunition designed to make less noise when fired.  Best used in conjunction with suppressors to completely minimize noise.



  • A silencer can be a crucial piece of equipment in Jagged Alliance when attempting to retake sap processing plants. Killing enemies in and around the plant quickly and quietly will prevent the inevitably explosive sabotage of the plant. The most powerful gun that can be equipped with a silencer is an extended .357 Magnum.
  • Critical for any nighttime mission in Jagged Alliance 2, especially in urban zones where combat is nearly always in close quarters, as quick and quiet kills allow the squad to maintain tight control over combat.
  • In all iterations, the silencer will also eliminate the muzzle flash. This is beneficial because the muzzle flash will otherwise give away your position at night, resulting in interruptions and return fire.
  • v1.13 - The silencer does not completely silence the weapon in this version. Often, enemies can still hear you, especially if they have extended ears, and doubly so if you are using a large, loud weapon such as a sniper or assault rifle. Use subsonic ammo with a silencer to maximize its benefit. Using Tracer ammo will negate this benefit as the flashing, lit bullets are dead giveaway, even when silenced.

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