Sergeant Krott is an NPC encountered in Jagged Alliance 2.


Alma - Sector H13, Military Headquarters

Character Info

Sergeant Krott is a member of Deidranna's Army when he is encountered in Alma. He can be found in a firing range towards the back of the base, where several Rocket Rifles are being kept.

Quick to intercede on whatever hostile intentions you may have, he asserts that he has no desire to continue serving in the army, and that he only wishes to go back home, to his family.

Allow him to return home and he tells you he will tell the people back home of your deeds and greatness, and spread the word. Doing so will increase your loyalty in Alma.

If you are not able to prevent the blast that destroys the rocket rifles in the room, it is possible that when you encounter him that he will be heavily injured and will ask you for medical assistance before speaking with you. Patch him up with what supplies you have an you should be able to continue conversing as normal.

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