A set of quintuplets working in bars across Arulco. They are famous Arulco-wide for their drinks.


You will find two De Santos brothers in Drassen (Herve (C13), Peter (D13)), and two in San Mona (Alberto (C6), Carlo (D5)). The fifth is found in Grumm (Manny (H2)).


  • The De Santos brothers all sell beer, wine, and bottles of alcohol. They have no useful information.
  • Four of the five De Santos quintuplets have identical portraits, identical voicework, identical dialogue, and sell identical things. The fifth one is Manny. Poor Manny.
  • Manny Santos, the fifth De Santos brother, can be found in Grumm in a bar by the munitions factory (H2), Manny is the janitor (barboy) there, the bar owned and tended by Sammy "Charlie" Elgin. Charlie will need to be removed if Manny is to take his rightful place as bartender.


  • "Welcome to my establishment. I am one of the de Santos Bartending Brothers. We are famous Arulco-wide for our drinks."
  • "Hello again. Is good to see you."
  • "Yes. You are not de first to notice that we look very similar. I do not understand, since de differences are obvious to me."
  • "I bet you think you have seen me before. I have heard much about you from my brothers and de others. You are the one who will give birth to a new Arulco, an Arulco free and equal for everyone. De people are in awe of you."
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