A mercenary hirable from A.I.M.

Appearances: Jagged Alliance, Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games. Nonplayable and an alum in Jagged Alliance 2 .


"A member in good standing, Samuel Garver rose from the hardships of the deep South to gain a renown and illustrious reputation as one of the most sought after and experienced soldiers for hire. For a man of his years, his health remains remarkable." - Jagged Alliance, A.I.M. Dossier

"After an illustrious career as a mercenary, Sam Garver put in for his pension and retired to the Florida Keys.  He is enjoying his golden years as the owner/operator of Sam's Alligator Ranch and Gift shop.  Located just off Highway 71, the conveniently situated shop has acquired a reputation for its exclusive line of gator-skinned combat knives and matching boots." - Jagged Alliance 2, Alumni Gallery



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Additional information

  • hates Russians, thinking them all communists, and would likely hate Igor and Iggy if he ever got the chance to meet them.
  • in Unfinished Business,his weapon (Sam Garver's combat knife) is featured if the player wants to recruit new mercenaries after acquiring the laptop transmitter from Betty Fung in the town of Varrez.


  • "You need some battle experience, m'boy! There's just no substitute, for a good old fashioned wake-up-in-the-mornin', battle at dawn!" - Initial refusal to hire
  • "Yous' justta give me a second to pack my bags, and I's be on my ways down theres!" - On hire
  • "If I's can sees its, son, I's can hits it for ya... Most of the time!" - On call
  • "If yous' looking for easy cash, son, gets, yourself a game of poker with Hamous. Yous' can read that Metavirian likes a book, son. More than a pair and he hums." - On call
  • "Yous don't even remember me, do yous? The only person to ever fire Samuel K. Garver in twenty years, and yous don't even remember!" - Attempting to rehire after firing
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