"Considers combining food, alcohol and illegal drugs with lethal drugs to be an artform. Most likely targets - politicians and high-profile entertainers. Will spend hours devising new and innovative lethal concoctions. Some of his kills have taken weeks to take effect." - Intercept dossier

Appears as a bartender and owner of a bar in Grumm, who does little more than sell alcoholic drinks, act suspiciously friendly when offended and look vaguely familiar. Manny De Santos of the Santos Brothers works in his bar as a barboy.

Charlie is in reality The Druggist, a target on Carmen Dancio's list of wanted terrorists.


Sector H2.



  • "Cheerio. I don't recall we've met. Well, welcome to ma bar then. It's good to have you here."
  • "Can' complain about business, but lately, you know, it's uh, it's mostly people coming in to use the loo."
  • "I'll leave you be, chap.
  • "Got some choice bottles, eh. What's your fancy?"
  • "When you're thirsty, just call."
  • "Maybe I'm wrong, chap, but you'll pardon me if I am, but I reckon, uh, you could use a stiff pint. Feeling a little tense, I gather."
  • "Bloody bullah bastard!" (when attacked)


  • Manny Santos will take his rightful place as bartender once Charlie is dead. The contents of the bar at the time Charlie was tending will also drop on the ground behind the bar, along with $500 plus any money you spent while Charlie was the tender. If more than a day has passed since the money was spent, however, it won't show up as shopkeeper money holdings reset every 24 hours. You will still be able to purchase alcohol from Manny, but he will sell to you from his own new shop inventory.
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