An item trader and proprietor of a hardware store in Balime, he can be found in Sector L12: Balime East.

His is one of the few stores where a Video Camera can be found.

Also a reliable place to get fresh Tool Kits, Break Lights, and other utility items.

Unlike Jake, Keith, Franz, Tony, or Gabby, Sam only sells things and doesn't offer the option to buy things.


  • "Hey how ya doin. Name's Sam. Feel free to have a look around."
  • "Been waitin' for a shipment of power screwdrivers with a thousand different attachments.  You can do anything with the damn things!"
  • "You ever get the feeling you could just spend all day in a hardware store? You just go right ahead there, pal."
  • "Hardware, tools. Really the soul of man, enh?"
  • "Well if there's anything else, just give a holler."
  • "I come from the Bronx.  The South Bronx.  You got more luck hollerin' at your grandmother."

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