"This is a blob of royal jelly from the queen Crepitus."


  • Mines with Crepitus infestation. The Crepitus Queen will drop some of it when killed, and more can be collected by using Glass Jars on the queen's corpse.


  • The jelly can be applied to your body armor to increase its protection value in similar way like the Compound 18. Note that it improves the armor better than the Compound 18, and does not increase the armor's weight. Since you only get a limited number of these, you should only apply them to your best armor (ie Spectra Vest). Also, bring a lot of glass jars before going into the mines with Crepitus infestation.
  • WARNING: Applying the jelly to an armor already treated with Compound 18 will destroy the armor, and vice versa. However, this trick can also be used to remove Edgar "Nails" Smorth's jacket to get him to wear a better armor.

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