"By the way, you guys wouldn't know nothing about a fellow named Breeham Druz who lived in Balime, would ya? I haven't heard from him since they put him in prison in Tixa. Well... If ya see him, you tell him Jake was asking." — Jake Cameron

Jake Cameron mentions a kid from Balime named Breeham Druz, who's being held in the secret prison at Tixa, and would like you to check up on him.

Rescue Shank is a side quest in Jagged Alliance 2.


Speak to Jake Cameron in Estoni (I6) with a merc with a modestly high leadership score, and he will give you the quest.


Shank is locked in a cell in the basement level of Tixa prison. The challenge here will of course be reaching him at all, as there is heavy resistance at every step of the way.

More info on conquering Tixa see: Tixa

Once Shank is broken out of his cell, he'll immediately tell you his story upon speaking to him, after which he will offer to join your squad, as well as offer to help you secure a source of gas if he can get to Estoni.


  • Breeham "Shank" Druz offers to join your squad for $20/day
  • Enables gas supply and helicopter landing field if Shank is brought to Estoni and talks to Jake.
    • Sometimes, a bug will prevent Skyrider from recognizing this. To fix, move a merc on foot/vehicle outside of Estoni and then back in. Once this happens Skyrider should give the speech. You may need to keep at least one merc in Estoni.quests]]
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