"This hypodermic syringe is filled with 10cc's of a fast-acting healing drug. The warning label reads: "Do not exceed more than 4 doses per day.""



Perma-heals about 40 points of the user's health as if a doctor were tending to them over the course of about twenty real-time seconds, or five or six rounds in turn-based combat.

Does not heal stat damage, does not recover energy.

Unhealed wounds will continue to bleed if they are grevious enough and left unbandaged.


  • Despite the warning in the description, using more than four doses on the same mercenary within a 24 hour period does not seem to have any obvious ill effects.
  • The boosters' existence may be a direct result of the Richards' fallow sap research, and A.I.M.'s actions in salvaging their operation in Jagged Alliance.
  • One of the many items that will trigger a relapse in Larry Roachburn if kept in his inventory for any extended period of time

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