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The rebels of Omerta are starving and need help. Miguel Cordona knows of a priest named Father Walker in Drassen, who can arrange for a supply line to be established. Miguel suggests taking Ira Smythe, as Father Walker knows her and "has some passion" for her.

Also known as Food from Father Walker.


Automatically acquired upon completing the quest Letter from Enrico Chivaldori, from Miguel Cordona.


Father Walker can be found in Drassen during the daytime, either in the bar in Central Drassen (C13) or in the church in Drassen Mine (D13). He disappears during the evening, so if you can't find him, wait a few hours and he should show up.

Father Walker won't easily listen to what you have to say, and only Ira Smythe or a merc with a high leadership score will persuade him to set up the supply line. It will take a day (24 hours) for the supplies to arrive, after which you can go back to Omerta and speak with Miguel again to complete the quest.

Tips & Tricks

The most dangerous part of this quest is dealing with the patrols between Omerta and Drassen. Be prepared to win several fights before you can get to Father Walker.