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Just like in other role-playing games, the Jagged Alliance series also has different quests to complete. Depending on the game, quest rewards may be money, items, loyalty, new recruitable characters, or access to previously locked game features.

Jagged Alliance

Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games

If you choose the scenario campaign, the missions or quests are:

Each non-secenario mission in Deadly Games is its own self-contained single-sector quest, with briefings and rewards (varying between $3000-$30000) given by Gus Tarballs. The possible goals are:

  • Exterminate All - Kill all enemies in the mission.
  • Exterminate Team - Kill all members from an enemy team.
  • Kill Spec. Merc - Kill a specific enemy.
  • Kill NPC - Kill a specific Non-Playable Character (NPC).
  • Locate Item - Find where an item is. The item can't be taken.
  • Bring Back Item - One of the player's mercs must have the specific item with him at the end of the mission.
  • Touch Target - The team must touch a target.
  • Photograph Area - Use a camera to photograph an specific area of the map.
  • Photograph Target - Same as Photograph Area, but with an enemy instead.
  • Photograph NPC - Same as Photograph Area, but a NPC instead.
  • Plant Mine - Plant a landmine and have an enemy step on it.
  • Locate NPC - Find where a specific NPC is.
  • Escort Civilian - Find and safely escort a civilian to an area. You can move the civilian.
  • Destroy Any Bridge - Destroy any of the bridges present in the area.
  • Destroy All Bridges - Destroy all bridges present in the area.
  • Destroy Any Target - Destroy any of the specific objects in the area.
  • Destroy All Targets - Destroy all of the given targets.
  • Preserve Area - Avoid the enemy from entering in an area.
  • Occupy Area - Control an specific area.
  • Reach Area - Have any member of the team step in an area.
  • Deliver Item - Bring the item received before the mission to an area.
  • Stop Opponent - 2-player scenarios only. Stop the other team.

Jagged Alliance 2

Jagged Alliance: Back In Action