Appearances: Jagged Alliance, Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games, Jagged Alliance 2, Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business, Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire, Jagged Alliance: Back in Action.

A mercenary in the Jagged Alliance series, available from A.I.M.


"Appropriately known as "Wolf", Peter Sanderson has been tracking down the enemy and acquiring a well-rounded knowledge of all mercenary disciplines as a member of A.I.M. over the past four years. His reputation is that of a proven professional." - A.I.M. Dossier, Jagged Alliance

"Peter Sanderson just returned from a six-month absence. He booked off on personal leave to take an intensive physical training program and various other courses to top-off his status as a jack-of-all-trades. Having lost over forty pounds, he's in the best shape he has ever been in and A.I.M., as a result, has gladly renewed his membership.

Additional info: When not on assignment, Sanderson instructs a Wolverine Civil Defense unit during the evenings." - A.I.M. Dossier, Jagged Alliance 2

Additional Info

  • Just a solid guy to have around. For his price tag and skill set he's a great addition to almost any team. Wolf does prefer the life of a loner though, and will do better if no other merc is close by.


Jagged Alliance 2

Back In Action



  • Teaching
  • Night Ops
  • Bodybuilding


Jagged Alliance and Deadly Games

  • "I'll be there in the morning, and then we'll see what that madman is made of!" - hiring
  • "I could toast this unfriendly without any trouble." - spotted a unaware enemy
  • "Hiring me would be a smart choice. And that's my objective opinion." - On call
  • "That Gus Tarballs is one military hard-nose, isn't he?" - On call
  • "That fast talker must have started nipping early in the morning again. He just about gave away the stuff." - Successfully haggle the price

Jagged Alliance 2

  • "Nobody does anything like I do." - on call
  • "What kinda timeframe did ya have in mind?", "Can't wait to get there!" - hiring
  • "This is Wolf. You'll have to talk to my machine." - answering machine
  • "Hold up, hold up! That does not look too convincing to me. Dangerous, but not convincing." - trap detected
  • "Lovely! Just, freaking lovely!" - gory death/rotting corpse
  • "That's all of them. Nothing left here but funerals." - sector clear
  • "What's this?" when finding item
  • "Got something here" when finding item
  • "Now you're like your sex life: cold, dead and lying in the bed you made." after killing Doreen Harrows



Liked by


Disliked by

  • None


  • A well-rounded jack-of-all-trades, calling Wolf the "Mario" of A.I.M. would not be a stretch.
  • Wolf is a well-liked mercenary and seems to be quite the team player.
  • Also appears to have a relationship with Fox which is on more-than-friendly terms.
  • He also has a good working relationship with Lynx.
  • Wolf is voiced by Voice Director Shaun Lyng, along with Bill "Razor" Lamont.
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