Head of shipping and handling at Drassen Airport. According to your mercs, he's kind of a loser.

An apathetic and self-servient worker, he cares little for the war that has erupted around the country, so long as it stays away from the airport.


Drassen airport (sector B13)

Missing Shipments

Pablo will sometimes steal from your shipments. You can tell if he has stolen something, as your merc will say something is missing when they open the crate with your items.

If you pay Pablo $20 he will make sure your stuff is safe. If he has already stolen something, any physical force will convince him to squeal and get your item back - one punch with a bare hand does the trick. Come back the next day and you will receive it and some other random items. He will not steal anything a second time if you do this. Do not shoot him to intimidate him. Shooting him will make any millita in the sector kill him.

Do not kill him. Killing him will cause a drop in loyalty in Drassen, and he will be replaced with Salvatore Luppus, who can lose entire shipments through sheer incompetence.


  • "I am Pablo Greco. I run cargo department at airport. You want something, you see me."
  • "Well... Whatever you were expecting isn't here. Could try again tomorrow."
  • "Personally, I don't care who wins this war. I just don't want no more shooting near the airport."
  • "A lot of people come in and out of here, you know. I can't be babysitting your shipments. Well, at least not for free."
  • "I really don't care who you are or why you're here."
  • "I got a lot of work to do."
  • "Coffee money. Help me keep my eyes open, if you know what i mean."


  • Occasionally, entire shipments will be misdirected, or show up incomplete.  If this happens, and none of your mercs comment on it, this is not Pablo's fault - beating him up when this happens will only get you yelled at.  As it is, Bobby Ray's sometimes misdirects shipments, or sends out incomplete shipments when you order from them.  Unfortunately, unlike Pablo, there is nobody around for your mercs to punch to correct the problem.
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