Orta is a hidden facility, it won't appear on your map at the start, but it is always at sector K4. You can learn its location by talking to General Theo Humphey in Alma.


From the outside, it appears to be a Bloodcat research facility, but it is unusually well guarded for a facility of its kind. The real deal is that it is a hidden manufacturing plant for Rocket Rifles. There is a strongly locked door to the facility that is almost impossible to bypass with picks, set in an indestructible wall.

There are two ways to gain access to the underground facility, unless you are lucky enough that an enemy opens the door during the battle. You can give Skipper in Estoni any item, and he will give you the keycard to the facility. Alternatively, you can bribe Walter Bazzon with $20,000 and he will open the door for you. You can kill him to get the money back later.

You can also shoot the door from LAW and the wall next to the door will collapse.

The underground part of the facility is even more heavily defended. Once you have secured the facility, you can find Dr. Ernest Poppin in the back room. Keep threatening him and he will eventually give in and open the store room full of Rocket Rifles for you.

In the main hallway underground, one switch will open all doors.

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  • Despite it not being an actual town or city, the enemy considers Orta to be of strategic importance and will move to retake the sector shortly after you have captured it (similar to Tixa), and will continually make attempts to recapture it thereafter.

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