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Mustard Gas Grenade

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A thrown weapon that appears in the Jagged Alliance series.

Unlike Tear Gas Grenades, Mustard Gas is a lethal weapon and causes direct damage and bleeding to targets within its area of impact, in addition to causing a massive drop in stamina.


"This grenade releases a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that causes intense burning and blistering of the lungs. Sufferers can die without prompt medical attention." - Jagged Alliance 2


Jagged Alliance, Deadly Games

In Jagged Alliance, the mustard gas grenade functions much like a Hand Grenade without the explosion, dealing damage to enemies without damaging nearby furniture, doors, or items on the ground, making it ideal for clearing rooms with sensitive equipment or critical items that need picking up. Like other grenades, the mustard gas grenade can be launched from a Underslung Grenade Launcher in Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games.

Jagged Alliance 2

The mustard gas grenade is truly deadly. When thrown, it releases a deadly yellow-green-coloured gas cloud (displayed for convenience as real mustard gas is colourless) that does large amounts of damage to anyone in the cloud, ignores armour and stuns them so they cannot easily move out of it. Any merc will quickly die from a few turns of mustard gas exposure and will take massive damage, generally around 30 health per round. Mustard gas expands over the first two rounds after it is thrown and fades away a few turns later.

Gas masks only protect from mustard gas if at 100% repair, or close to it. Being in a mustard gas cloud quickly degrades the mask, so very soon after exposure the merc will begin taking damage anyway.


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