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"The prim and proper Monica Sonderguard may seem to be an unlikely candidate for the rough and tumble mercenary life, but she more than meets the minimum requirements. Before settling on A.I.M., Buns explored a number of careers: kindergarten teacher, geriatric nurse, Danish sharpshooter at the Atlanta Olympic games, and professional soldier."

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  • A prim and proper prude, her uptightedness goes hand-in-hand with her professionalism and skill.
  • Believes herself better than anyone else.
  • Has a sense of superiority. She's a merc because she wants to, not because she has to.
  • Puts her feelings before logic.
  • To a Danish person her dialect sounds German or Russian. (To a person with knowledge of the russian language and accent she definitely doesn't sound any russian at all. Ivan Dolvich has classic russian accent)




  • "Mercs who're sloppy about their personal appearance are liable to be sloppy in combat."
  • "I'm really getting quite good. My wages should reflect that." - wage increase
  • "Ah!  We have been joined." - enemy spotted
  • "Hahahaha... I'm sorry. It's not really funny." - rotted corpse/gory kill
  • "I know I won't allow myself to be convinced they left the area" - enemy in hiding
  • "What is it abot Gumpy?  How can someone so smart be such a disgusting slob?  Maybe his parents were first cousins."
  • "You've reached my video voice mail. Leave me a message. And Gumpy if this is you, leave another message like the last one, and I'll send you a reply that explodes on impact. I'm not kidding." - answering machine
  • "You've got Fox on your team. Obviously, you are more interested in the sizzle than the steak. Call me when you're looking for something more than a pretty face." - refuses to join you with Cynthia Fox Guzzman among your mercs.



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  • Speaks with a sterotyped german accent despite being Danish.
  • Southern Denmark borders Germany, and has an odd mixed dialect of both in certain places, which may explain her accent. Her last name Søndergård may be a reference to this area, as it means Southeren-farm.