Every mercenary has a unique reaction to seeing A.I.M. mercenary legend Mike working for Deidranna's regime, ranging from disbelief to trepidation to outright hatred.  They have a similarly unique reaction if they are the one to deliver the killing blow.

Kyle "Shadow" Simmons

  • Spot: "Mike's here. Killing Mike...hmm."
  • Killed: "Mike is down. Can't say i'm sorry about it."

Robert James Sullivan

  • Spot: "Ah, please... let it not be Mike."
  • Killed: "He was my best friend."

Stephen Rothman

  • Spot: "Mike! Mike is here...working for them? We're going to have to kill Mike."
  • Killed: "I got Mike. He wasn't as tough as he liked to think"

Ivan Dolvich

  • Spot: "Mike!  I have opportunity to kill lying Mike."
  • Killed: "Mike (russian) ego. Mike, very big liar!"


  • Spot: "Mike... He'll do!"
  • Killed: "I'd rather have blown away Lynx, but Mike makes a fine second choice."

Dr. Q. Huaong

  • Spot: "Well, well. We are facing our friend Mike. This was meant to be; there are no coincidences."
  • Killed: "Mike has now passed on. His soul of betrayal has found peace at last."

Dr. Donna "Spider" Houston

  • Spot: "Oh my, its Mike. I don't know about this."
  • Killed: "Mike's dead, and by my hand! I don't know whether to be proud of myself or really sickened. Little of both, I guess."

Helmut "Grunty" Grunther

  • Spot: "I see Mike...working on the other side? This puts a not-so-amusing light on the situation."
  • Killed: "Since Mike was the top merc, and I killed Mike...does this not make me the new top merc? I believe so!"

Barry Unger

  • Spot: "That is Mike? I do not understand how he could be such a traitor!"
  • Killed: "I have killed the great Mike! I do a little dance of victory! Hey-hey-hey!"

Charlene "Raven" Higgens

  • Spot: "What a weird turn of events. Mike's here!"
  • Killed: "Sorry Mike. But you made a bad career choice."
  • Intimidation: "I don't like fighting."

Sheila "Scope" Sterling

  • Spot: "Why, this is difficult to believe. Mike is working for her?"
  • Killed: "Forgive me, Mike. I was left without a choice, and that was of your own making."
  • Intimidation: "I want my mummy."

Cynthia "Fox" Guzzman

  • Spot: "I don't believe it! Mike took a job with the other side?"
  • Killed: "I dated Mike. He had about as much life in him as he has now."

Igor Dolvich

  • Spot: "That Mike is here. I dislike battling compatriots, but Mike is an enemy of the Dolvich's."
  • Killed: "My uncle will be proud of me. He was not fond of this man."

Trevor Colby

  • Spot: "Strewth, it's mike! This's a fine how'dyado!"
  • Killed: "I sunk the unsinkable Mike! How do you like that, then? Heh, - I'm rather proud of it meself!"

Carl "Reaper" Sheppards

  • Spot: "It's our old friend Mike. This will be interesting."
  • Killed: "That was a glorious death. You could see in Mike's eyes that he was welcoming it."

Thor Kaufman

  • Spot: "Ach du liebezeit! Mike is here! The scweinehund!"
  • Killed: "A shame to have to kill Mike... But he should have known better than to take the job."

Dr. Michael "MD" Dawson

  • Spot: "Is that Mike? Oh my god, it is!"
  • Killed: "Mike was the most revered man in all of AIM. I can't believe I killed him. Me!"

Fidel Dahan

  • Spot: "I must be da one to kill Mike!"
  • Killed: "It was nothing."

Steve "Grizzly" Bornell

  • Spot: ""Damn - Mike! I didn't count on having to go up against him."
  • Killed: "Mike might have been a good merc, but he was just flesh and blood, like everyone else."

JP "Malice" Viau

  • Spot: "Dat be Mike...da super guy.  I kill him, I be da super guy, en."
  • Killed:"I be da super guy now,en."

Edgar "Nails" Smorth

  • Spot: "Alright, a chance to kill Mike!"
  • Killed: "There... that wasn't so tough."

Earl "Magic" Walker

  • Spot: "That hotshot Mike took a job with 'em. He's gonna pay just like the others."
  • Killed: "Here's a family name for him--Mike Gonnabecoldsoon!"

Corp. Len Anderson

  • Spot: "Mike signed up with the wrong side."
  • Killed: "He's no longer the legend he once was."

Victoria "Vicki" Waters

  • Spot: "Oh,holy smokes,man,we're up against Mike himself!"
  • Killed: "Mike succumbs to the deadly Vicki! Now who be the number one merc,I ask ya ?"

Kirk "Static" Stevenson

  • Spot: "So... this is where Mike's been working."
  • Killed: "A.I.M.'s got another opening,man."

Dr. Clifford "Cliff" Highball

  • Spot: "Mike ? I knew that overconfident ass would find himself in this situation."
  • Killed: "Mike deserved that! As far as I'm concerned,that bloody American braggart should have been terminated a long time ago."

Ron "Raider" Higgens

  • Spot: "Holy cow, it's Mike! I hadn't counted on this!"
  • Killed: "The invincible Mike wasn't so invincible afer all!"

Sidney Nettleson

  • Spot: "Either Mike has lost his mind,or they're paying him a bloody fortune."
  • Killed: "So long old chum. You should never have gone against the grain."

Ice Williams

  • Spot: "It's Mike,man! This is a situation,ain't it ?"
  • Killed: "Oh,man! I got Mike! Should get some sort of medal or something."

John "Bull" Peters

  • Spot: "That's Mike. Good merc. Too bad."
  • Killed: "I wasted Mike. Not bad,huh ?"

Monica "Buns" Sondergaard

  • Spot: "Oh, no, look, it's Mike. We're in trouble."
  • Killed: "I killed Mike! Kinda makes me feel important."

Gus Tarballs

  • Spot: "Dang! What luck! I'm begging ya,Woody. Let me be the one to off Mike. Small favor. Won't bug ya for nothing no more."
  • Killed: "An old score settled,Woody. Ya know... I had to wait for Mike to leave A.I.M. before they'd take me on. Big shot's been bad mouthing me for years,but it ain't gonna happen no more."

Norma "Meltdown" Jessop

  • Spot: "It's Mikey-boy! This's gonna be a trip!"
  • Killed: "When Mike saw who he was facin',he knew the end was coming. I could see it in his eyes."

Ernie "Red" Spragg

  • Spot: "Oh,sweet mother,it's Mike! 'Tis a tragedy on the makin' !"
  • Killed: "I took out Mike! Trust a Scot to do what everybody said couldn't be done !"

Dr. Daniel "Danny" Quinten

  • Spot: "Ho Jesus,it's Mike. I was hoping this day would never come."
  • Killed: "My god,I killed Mike! I didn't think ANYbody could kill Mike!"

Bobby "Steroid" Gontarski

  • Spot: "Hey hey! Mike's here! Hahaha,now we see who is better man!"
  • Killed: "Mike thought he be immortal. He did not figure on meeting a Gontarski."

Peter "Wolf" Sanderson

  • Spot: "Holy slimeball! It's Mike."
  • Killed: "All right! I got to remember to get A.I.M. to put that in my bio."

Frank "Hitman" Hennessy

  • Spot: "I knew Mike had some long-term things going. Didn't expect to see him working for her though."
  • Killed: "Comes with the territory. Mike knew that!"

Keith "Blood" Hanson

  • Spot: "Ho man, it's Mike! That dude is like a legend!"
  • Killed: "Aww, Mike wasn't so tough after all! I killed women who went down a lot harder than he did!"

Rudy "Lynx-Eyed" Roberts

  • Spot: "Aww, shoot! It's Mike. I don't wanna have to neutralize Mike."
  • Killed: "Man, I hated doing that."

Janno "Brain" Allik

  • Spot: "Nein ... Mike?"
  • Killed: "I got Mike. Ja... good feeling."

Graziella "Grace" Girelli

  • Spot: "Mamma mia! Mike?"
  • Killed: "Sorry, Mike. It just wasn't your day."

Dr. Laura Colin

  • Spot: "Mike?"
  • Killed: "It's over, Mike."

Luc "Lucky" Fabre

  • Spot: "Mike?"
  • Killed: "Adieu, Mike."

Victor "Monk" Kolesnikov

  • Spot: "That is... Mike!"
  • Killed: "Da... Mike..."

Rudolf Steiger

  • Spot: "Fucking Mike.. ????"
  • Killed: "Mike is history."
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