There are lots of human-eating eels or snakes in the deep waters of Metavira in the first Jagged Alliance.

How to deal with eels

Always equip your mercs with Knives or Combat Knife when crossing deep water. Put the knife in your mercs main hand. If you still have a knife with the merc but not in either hand, especially the main hand, the merc will still try to kill the eel with the knife, but that will take time and could be fatal.

If you don't have a knife on your merc, that take the chance, though you will end up losing a merc to eels! They kill all mercs, and don't differentiate!


  • Don't think it matters what kind of knife is in the merc's hand.
  • Even with a knife, a weak or injured merc may still lose out to the eel. So send them in the water only if they are quite healthy/not so injured, or send them at your own risk.
  • Eels are mainly in deep water--that is large bodies that are definite the sea or wide rivers. Inland lakes and streams won't have eels. However, if you can't or don't bother to see the difference, just always have a knife in the merc's hand.
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