The island of Metavira has 60 sectors to explore.

Metavira is a fictional island where the original Jagged Alliance takes place.


The island of Metavira is located in the Southern Pacific, and it is divided into 60 sectors. Metavira is a former nuclear testing site so the tests have mutated its trees. These trees are called Fallow trees and they produce unique sap for medical purposes. Fallow trees can't reproduce, making each tree desperately precious.


Several years after a series of nuclear tests nearby, a scientist named Brenda Richards discovers the island, including the important Fallow trees that grow there. Her father, Jack Richards, leads a scientific mission to the island to study the trees and, eventually, the properties of their sap. During the course of this research, Brenda's assistant Lucas Santino finds out that the trees can be a great source of wealth and profit and convinces Jack to establish another base on the other side of the island, stewarded by Santino. Once this base is completed, Santino uses this base as a springboard and staging area to take the entire island by force.

Ecology and geography

Being a tropical island located in the South Pacific, Metavira's climate and terrain consists largely of hot and humid wetlands, jungles and beaches interspersed with a diversity of lakes and rivers, with some of a handful of relatively clear areas consisting of naturally occurring grasslands and others consisting of barren patches left by chemical and nuclear tests performed on the island in the past.

While wildlife expected of a tropical island region is expected to be found there (and, having no impact on the game, are never seen), a unique and prolific species of large, aggressive Eel may be found there. It is unknown whether the size and aggressiveness of these eels is the result of the island's history with nuclear and chemical experimentation, thanks to the similarly native Fallow trees.


Metavira is home to a small population of native people (Metavirans) who make up the majority of the population. The small remaining percent of the population consists of the teams of scientists on the island in order to perform research into Fallow trees and their sap, and of course the mercenaries that they bring with them.

Interestingly, despite extensive evidence of the nuclear and chemical tests performed on Metavira being disastrous to both terrain and wildlife alike, the Metaviran population on the island seem to have weathered the extensive and dangerous climate with few ill effects.

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