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Appearances: Jagged Alliance. Nonplayable and an alum in Jagged Alliance 2.


"The youngest child and only daughter of the legendary Colonel Leon Roachburn, Megan Roachburn has decided, like her brothers Gary and Larry, to join the family business and work for A.I.M. Despite a strong desire and extensive training, "Sparky" is unable to swim." - Jagged Alliance

"Once the great family of warfare, the Roachburn legacy came to an end with the resignation of Megan. The only female family member and the last to leave A.I.M., Sparky moved on to the job she always wanted, an honesty shopper for K-mart. Although she says the job of leaving exact change on the counter to see if the cashier rings in the sale can get a little boring, she'll take working at the mall over the battlefield any day." - Jagged Alliance 2 Alumni gallery




Is Liked by

  • None


Is Disliked by


  • Is able to repair the most points of damaged equipment between missions despite not having the highest mechanical skill, due to a very high dex. That makes her the best choice for the repairer job.
  • She is also an excellent lock picker.
  • Her usefulness ends there however as she is a poor shot, has low health and has merely average speed and is a poor swimmer. She is good with a knife but otherwise, she is better left at home to repair your items.
  • Enthusiastic, valley-girlish personality. Can verge on annoying, and in Nails' and especially Skitz's case, does and then some. Skitz will murder her during off-time if the two are on the same team for too long.


  • "For sure..." - On hire
  • "Like people say, I have a bubbly personality and everything... And I'm fun to be around... So like what do you think?" - On call
  • "Like I've been taking swimming lessons. And my instructor says that since I can almost dog-paddle, I'm going to be like moving up to junior dolphins soon!" - On call
  • "So, like I'm dying. I need help soon." - Dying
  • "Like, I'm not happy about it!" - Ordered to shoot merc.