"A full compliment of limited, sterilized, medical supplies for mobile surgery and the post-operative treatment of battle casualties. Set includes: scalpels, retractors, clamps, anesthetic, morphine, antibiotics, etc.." - Jagged Alliance

"Aside from standard first aid supplies, this kit includes: a suture set and scissors, prep pads, a scalpel, Kelly forceps, tweezers, pain killers, anesthetic, antibiotics, a pen light, and a surgical manual." - Jagged Alliance 2



  • Usable by any merc with a medical skill. A higher skill results into faster bandaging of wounds. It's durability will slowly decrease every time it's used.
  • It can also be used by designated merc doctors for healing to full health during downtime.
  • v1.13 only - mercenaries with the "Paramedic" skill will be able to use these kits to perform battlefield surgeries, which allow for a rapid on-the-spot recovery of hit points (similar to a low powered regen booster). This will strain the kit's durability.  
  • One of the many items that will trigger a relapse in Larry Roachburn if kept in his inventory for any extended period of time.  While seemingly innocuous enough,  do note that the kit contains morphine.

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