Headminer of Alma and brother of Greg "Dynamo" Duncan.

Unlike the other headminers, Matt will always be the headminer of Alma no matter what order you conquer the towns in, due to his ties to the quest.

He asks you to keep an eye out for his brother Dynamo, who has been imprisoned in Tixa.


Alma Mine, Sector I14


Free Dynamo From Tixa


  • "It's a little wild around here to be having a chat, don't you think?"
  • "Hey there. Don't recall I've ever met ya before. Matt Duncan, Head Miner."
  • "Don't get me wrong, they hate the army. They'd love to see them wiped out. But they're terrified, and it ain't because a stanger comes down here that they're going to forget where they live. You'll have to convince them with your actions that you're serious. Once they're confident, they'll back you. Understand, however, that if the mine falls back into the Queen's hands, they'll go back to working for her.
  • "Hey, I just keep myself concerned with everything under the ground. What happens above the grass line, I'll leave in your hands."
  • "I won't hold you up. Suppose you got lots to be doing."
  • "Heard word that you got my brother out.  Good work, man.  Everyone around here is pretty impressed by your efforts... Now, you got a free cell to put that Queen bitch in, once you get a hold of her."
  • "C'mon, take it easy. There's nothing so important you got to yell about it."
  • "No thanks. I got a lot of men to look after here." 


"It is like our work is unfinished."
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