She can be found in her house in the western section of Cambria, sector G8.


She will ask you to find her runaway son. Bring Joey back and the town's loyalty should reach 100%. Now you can get free medical treatment in the hospital and recruit one of the doctors there (Dr. Vincent Beaumont). Joey is located in San Mona. Hans or the barkeep will tell you where. Joey is either looking in the front window of the brothel or nosing around the abandoned mine. Threaten him to come with you and escort him to his mother.


  • "Hello. I'm Martha Graham."
  • "I'm worried sick. Joey always manages to find trouble."
  • "I never though I'd see the day Deidranna was removed from power, but I'm starting to believe I may just live long enough."
  • "I really must be going."
  • "I have heard that the Queen is worried. She is getting desperate and will try anything to stop you. Please be careful."
  • "Joey was in San Mona, huh. Wonder what he was doing there?"
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