Manuel is a recruitable Arulcan mercenary appearing in Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business.

Manuel can be found wandering around the woods of Tracona outside the town of Varrez, and can be recruited after by speaking with him and hearing his story. He can't be recruited while fighting against enemies.

Character Info


Manuel tells the player his story at length if you speak with him, approaching him with a friendly demeanor.

A rebel and compatriot to Miguel Cordona, Manuel enlisted as a recruit in the Arulcan army on Miguel's recommendation, acting as a mole and infiltrator in a long-armed plan to overthrow the Queen.  He managed to attain the rank of sergeant before being discovered by Kingpin and ratted out in an attempt to curry favor with the Queen.  

Upon finding out he was compromised he immediately fled, avoiding Omerta in the interests of protecting the rebels, especially his wife Fatima and his son Pacos, crossing the border into neighbouring Tracona and earning himself the status of a most wanted man in Arulco.  He has been hiding there ever since and it has been years since he has seen his home.




  • None


  • "I sure we be okay."
  • "No problemo." - enemy killed
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