The owner and manager of the Shady Lady brothel in San Mona.

Her establishment is favored and frequently visited by Kingpin, who favors one of the girls in particular there. Enjoys her business relationship with Kingpin.

Employs a large, puppylike bouncer named Billy GoonBall.


Additional Notes

Interestingly enough, while Billy is armed and will happily engage you in combat should you decide to try to clear San Mona of its gangster presence, Madame Layla will be completely unphased by all the killing and violence, outside of the requisite cowering during combat rounds. She will yell at you if your mercs open hostilities within her line of sight, or try to hurt her, but once combat subsides, she will return promptly to business as usual.


San Mona, Sector C5


  • "Welcome to the Shady Lady. I am Madame Layla, your hostess..."
  • "I'm sure you'll find something, or rather, someone that will catch your fancy here.  My girls were all chosen with creating a wide selection in mind."
  • "Carla would be ideal. She's my most experienced. You could visit her with 100 dollars per person. Naturally, she's not my most youthful girl."
  • "It is with pleasure that I welcome you again."
  • "We don't cater to your type of needs, dear.  Though there is a woman named Brenda Drake who might be interested.  You'll probably find her browsing at the adult store." - addressed by a female merc
  • "I'm NOT having a good day. Somebody kidnapped one of my girls. Poor Maria, I get goosebumps just thinking about what they might be doing to her." - After you rescued Maria
  • "I'll need to be paid in advance. That's how we do things around here."
  • "My regrets, but all prices are as stated."
  • "You'll have to excuse me... I need to check on things."
  • "I try to run a nice, quiet, civil place. I would appreciate your cooperation."
  • "Do you have any idea how many offers like that the girls and I get each day?"

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