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Magazine Size

20 rounds

Weapon Type



 A long weapon appearing in Jagged Alliance and Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games


"This converted Colt AR-15 is a .223-caliber, gas-operated and air-cooled, single-option, semi-automatic with a twenty-cartridge, removable-magazine capacity. Its superb range and speed of operation make it a favorite." - Jagged Alliance

The most powerful and advanced non-modified weapon in the game, M-16s don't start appearing until much later in the game.

Fast-firing, long-ranged and powerful, the weapon is the premiere choice for taking endgame sectors, such as those in and around the peninsula that Santino has situated his base on.  Like all other long weapons, a Sniper Scope can be attached, and the weapon may be modded with a Chunk of Steel to become even more powerful.

In Deadly Games, Mike hires into your squad with one of these already equipped and Gus Tarballs will join you packing a modified one.


  • The name "M-16" is a bit of a misnomer, as it designates the select-fire 5.56 caliber version of the rifle issued to the US military.  The description of the weapon specifies it as single option and .223, designating it as the "civilian" version of the M-16, which is simply known as the AR-15.

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