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This is a list of items that appear in Jagged Alliance and Jagged Alliance: Deadly Alliance.

Icon Name Type Slot Limit Sell Value
(Standard at 100%)
JADGS&W38.png .38 S&W Special S & W .38 Gun 1
JADGColt45.png Colt .45 Gun 1
JADGBeretta9MM.png Beretta 92F Beretta 9mm Weapon 1
JADG357Magnum.png .357 Magnum Weapon 1
JADG44Redhawk.png .44 Redhawk Weapon 1
JADG12gShotgun.png Winchester Model 1300 12g Shotgun Weapon 1
JADG12gRifle.png Winchester Model 1300 12g Rifle Weapon 1
JADGUziSMG.png Uzi SMG Weapon 1
JADGM14Rifle.png M14 M14 Rifle Weapon 1
JADGM16Rifle.png M16 M-16 M16 Rifle Weapon 1
JADGModified45.png Modified Weapon 1
JADGModified9MM.png Modified Weapon 1
JADGMod44Redhawk.png Mod Weapon 1
JADGMod12gRifle.png Mod Weapon 1
JADGModUziSMG.png Mod Weapon 1
JADGModifiedM14.png Modified M14 Weapon 1
JADGModifiedM16.png Modified M16 Weapon 1
JADGMortar.png Mortar Weapon 1
Grenade Launcher Weapon 1
JADGKnife.png Knife Close-range weapon
JADGCombatKnife.png Combat Knife Close-range weapon
JADG38Ammo.png .38 Ammo Ammo $5
JADG45Ammo.png .45 Ammo Ammo
JADG9MMAmmo.png 9mm Ammo Ammo
JADG357Ammo.png .357 Ammo Ammo
JADG44Ammo.png .44 Ammo Ammo
JADG12gAmmo.png Winchester Model 1300 12g 12g Ammo Ammo
JADGM14Ammo.png M14 Ammo Ammo
JADGM16Ammo.png M-16 M16 Ammo Ammo
JADGMortarShell.png Mortar Shell Ammo (Attachment)
JADGRock.png Rock Throw
JADGGrenade.png Grenade Grenade
JADGMustardGas.png Mustard Gas GrenadeMustard Gas Grenade
JADGStunGrenade.png Stun Grenade Grenade
JADGTearGas.png Tear Gas GrenadeTear Gas Grenade
JADGDetonator.png Detonator Item
JADGExplosives.png TNT Explosives Item
JADGPlasticExplosives.png Plastic Explosives Item
JADGLiveExplosives.png Live Explosives Explosive
JADGLivePlastic.png C-4 Live Plastic Explosive
JADGEagleFearball.png Eagle Devices Eagle Fearball Explosive
JADGCompound17.png Compound 17 Item 3
JADGMachete.png Machete Close-range weapon

JADGLandMine.png Land Mine Explosive
JADGHelmet.png Helmet Head gear $
JADGTreatedHelmet.png Helmet|Treated Helmet Head gear $
JADGKevlarHelmet.png Kevlar Helmet Head gear $
JADGTrtKevlarHelmet.png Kevlar Helmet Trt. Kevlar Helmet Head gear $
JADGLeatherVest.png Leather Vest 1 $ Only found with Nails
JADGKevlarVest.png Kevlar Vest 1 $
JADGTrtKevlarVest.png Trt. Kevlar Vest 1 $
JADGSpectraShield.png Spectra Shield 1 $
JADGTrtSpectraShield.png Trt. Spectra Shield Armor 1 $
Armor 1 $ Armored vest without pockets. Jagged Alliance only.
JADGUltraShieldVest.png Ultra Shield Vest Assault Vest 1 $ Armored vest with pockets. Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games only.
JADG2PocketVest.png 2 Pocket Vest Assault Vest 1 $
JADG3PocketVest.png 3 Pocket Vest Assault Vest 1 $
JADG4PocketVest.png 4 Pocket Vest Assault Vest 1 $
JADG5PocketVest.png 5 Pocket Vest Assault Vest 1 $
JADGFirstAidKit.png First Aid Kit
JADGMedicalKit.png Medical Kit
JADGToolKit.png Tool Kit Item
JADGLocksmithKit.png Locksmith Kit
JADGCamouflageKit.png Camouflage Kit Item 2 $
JADGSilencer.png Silencer Attachment $ Reduces noise
JADGSniperScope.png Sniper Scope Attachment $ Improves aim
JADGChunkOfSteel.png Chunk of Steel Item 2 $
JADGRadio.png Radio Head gear $
JADGExtendedEar.png Extended Ear Head gear $
JADGSunGoggles.png Sun Goggles Head gear $
JADGGasMask.png Gas Mask Head gear $
JADGCanteen.png Canteen Item 5 $
JADGMetalDetector.png Metal Detector Item 1 $
JADGCrowbar.png Crowbar Item 1 $
JADGCamera.png Camera Item 1 (max 12 photos) $
JADGMoney.png Money Money $5000 -

Cloth Rag Item
JADGOilCan.png Oil Can Item 3
JADGGasCanister.png Gas Canister Item 1
JADGGlassJar.png Glass Jar Item 3
File:JADGKey.png Key Item
File:JADGKey.png Key Item
Taped Paper Item Jagged Alliance only
Micro-Purifier Mission item 1 - Jagged Alliance only
JADGLetterOpener.png Letter Opener Close-range weapon 1 Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games only
JADGHedgeTrimmer.png Hedge Trimmer Close-range weapon 1 Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games only
JADGChainSaw.png Chain Saw Close-range weapon 1 Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games only
JADGJarOfOil.png Jar of Gas
JADGJarOfOil.png Jar of Oil
JADGJarOfGas&Oil.png Jar of Gas & Oil
JADGRagInJar.png Rag in Jar
Gas Rag in Jar of Gas
Oil Rag in Jar of Oil
JADGGasCanWithOil.png Gas Can with Oil
JADGRagInGasCan.png Rag in Gas Can
JADGRagInGasCan.png Gas Can, Oil, Rag
JADGCompactDisc.png Compact Disc Mission item 1 -
JADGAudioCassette.png Audio Cassette Mission item 1 -
JADGVideoCassette.png Video Cassette Mission item 1 -
JADGMicrofilm.png Microfilm Mission item 1 -
JADGBlueprints.png Blueprints Mission item 1 -
JADGBriefcase.png Briefcase Mission item 1 -
JADGStrongbox.png Strongbox Mission item 1 -
JADGFlask.png Flask Mission item 1 -
JADGCounterfeitCash.png Counterfeit Cash Mission item 1 -
File:JADGSat.png Mission item 1 -
JADGPainting.png Painting Mission item 1 -
JADGStrategicPlans.png Strategic Plans Mission item 1 -
JADGTacticalMap.png Tactical Map Mission item 1 -
JADGDestroyedItem.png Destroyed Item ? 1 - The remains of a broken item. Can only be repaired by a highly skilled mechanic.
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