Official description

"Len is a leader type, infectious to others. A bit of a joker, with a strange sense of humour. Like Janno Allik he originates from Estonia and has a German mother. Unhappy childhood in Siberia, but made him harder. Night operations and automatic weapons are his greatest strengths."

Additional info

  • Happy to go where ever Janno Allik goes. Both men became mercenaries after the Russian withdrawal from East Germany.


  • Combat Knife


"Listen to Dr. Q spiritualizing the whole day long? Thank you!" - if attempting to hire while Dr. Q is on the team

"For a month? A year? How long?" - hiring

"This is an enemy sector. Want to bug him a little?" - arriving in territory occupied by the army

"Shoot to hit a target? Are you serious?" - requesting hard or impossible shot

"Hah! Out of ammo! Who needs it anyway?" - empty magazine

"Hey, easy now, not all at the same time!" - spotting multiple enemies

"I've killed better guys than you!" - taunting enemies while being shot at

"Yeah, Janno! They call him Brain, did you know that?" - praising Brain when he makes a kill

"Janno! No! We Estonians have to stick together. You can't just die on me. Hey, I'll buy you your favorite food..." -scolding Brain for dying an ungraceful death

"She reminded me of an old girlfriend - what was her name again..." after killing Dorren Harrows

"Whack...haa!" when killing enemy



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