The Laser Scope is one the available gun attachments in Jagged Alliance 2.

Official description

"The Universal Daylight Laser projects a highly visible red spot at a rather significant range. In a stainless steel housing, it fits onto the trigger guard of most sub-machine guns and pistols."



Adds 20% to chance to hit. If scope is damaged below 50%, to-hit probability is actually reduced.

Note that the Laser Scope has a maximum range. It will not give accuracy bonus if used in long range.

The 'Rifle LAM' in 1.13 has longer effective range than the normal laser sight, but many weapons don't accept it and is much less common.

The Insight LAM and Rifle LAM Flashlight is basically the same as their normal versions, but have a vision bonus at night.


Jagged Alliance 2

Most guns can accept the Laser Sight, with the exception of heavy weapons (Mortar, LAW, and other launchers). You cannot attach a laser sight on a Rocket Rifle, but it already has one built in by default.

Jagged Alliance 2 v1.13

As with all things in v1.13, multiple types of laser sights are introduced, in addition to the standard laser sight.

  • Insight LAM200 - a flexible, powerful laser sight that can be mounted on any gun that can take a standard laser scope.
  • Rifle LAM - a high-powered laser sight usable only with rifles and assault rifles with picatinny-style rails.  Cannot be mounted on sniper rifles.
  • Rifle LAM-Flashlight - a combination of a rifle LAM and a flashlight, which increases night vision while also making the merc more visible to enemies.
  • ISM-V-IR - a modern combination of reflex sight/laser sight, that is slightly more powerful than both.  Takes up scope space.
  • Aimpoint Projector - a combination reflex sight/laser sight for "outdated" weapons.  Takes up scope space.

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