Kyle "Shadow" Simmons is one of the hireable mercenaries, appearing in Jagged Alliance 2. He has the unique camouflage skill.

Official description

"This ex-Ranger and sniper has turned stalking into an art form. The Shadow could be lurking about right next to you and chances are you'd never know it. That snow drift, sand dune, or piece of shrubbery could be him. Kyle Simmons has made it his business to blend into any environment for any length of time. The Shadow brings his own camouflage supplies and he wishes to make it known up-front that he doesn't share."

Additional info

  • Quiet, loner, low-key professional.
  • Comments are usually made to himself rather than a conversation.
  • A matter-of-fact type of guy, who doesn't draw attention to himself.
  • Voice: a confident sniper's whisper.




  • "In business!"
  • "Didn't even say goodbye." - kill enemy
  • "Lethal. That's what you are." - kill enemy
  • "I'm in the wrong place at the wrong time." 
  • "Pays to keep climbing the ladder. I go up and so do the dollars." - level up pay raise
  • "What a mess. Where's the dignity?" - rotted corpse/gory kill
  • "Yeah that did it. Nothing left to kill." - cleared sector
  • "Hmmm! Could be anything in the ground but it doesn't look good." - spot trap
  • "No... but I'll tell you what. If I hear of any suicide jockeys who're available, I'll send them your way." - refuse to join
  • "No sir, I'd prefer a leader who inspires more confidence. - refuse to join
  • "We been short-shipped... it's not all here." - shipment was stolen



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Liked by


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Disliked by

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  • A powerful sniper and stealth artist.  Expensive, but worthwhile if you can afford him.
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