Kill the bloodcats is a side quest in Jagged Alliance 2.

Bloodcats in the jungles surrounding Alma have been killing civilians, including many children. Hunters sent to kill them have never returned, Queen Deidranna's forces refuse to act, and the people of Alma are desperate for a solution.


Speak with Auntie, who can be found in the Alma Residential district, Sector I14.

"I... I know it's not your job here, but I don't know who else to ask. The Queen, well, she promises, but we have seen nothing, and just last night, another boy died. A baby really, only five years old. Oh what am I thinking? You haven't even heard. How could you? It's everything to us, the people of Alma. Our children, four of them, have been killed by the Bloodcats, and we... well, what can we do? We try to stop them, and it causes even more death! But we were thinking that perhaps you could help us. See, they have a lair east of my house. And, perhaps you could, well, kill them for us. It is our hope."

"Fine, I'll speak my mind, then. If these hell cats aren't killed, we're all in serious trouble, and not just the people of Alma. The Bloodcats are vicious. They have EARNED their name. And lately, they have lost their fear of things human, drawing close and closer to town. There is nothing we can do. Without your help, that is."


Tips & Tricks

  • Hollowpoint ammo is suitable for this task, as it deals greater damage to unarmored enemies.
  • Automatic weapons and shotguns are recommended, as are a large contingent of mercenaries, to reduce the risk of serious injury or death by mauling.
  • Move in a tight group, as mercs caught alone by one or more Bloodcats are highly vulnerable.


  • Increased loyalty in Alma
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