Juan is a Metaviran native and guide who appears in Jagged Alliance.


"One of my assistants is determined to see some action. If you're interested, he's available today." -Jack Richards

Juan is the third native working for Jack that he will offer you as a guide, if you have room in your team, a few days after Hamous is fired or killed. Like the other native guides, he is free of charge and will offer tidbits of information on the various sectors of Metavira as you travel through them.




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Disliked by

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Hiring Info

  • Starting two days after Hamous has been fired or killed, Jack will randomly offer you his assistance should you have less than eight mercenaries on your team.
  • Cannot be bribed.
  • Will not steal from you.
  • Firing him will not count toward your A.I.M. Turnover ratio.
  • Should he get killed, it won't affect your A.I.M. Death ratio either, but it will affect your Native Death ratio.

Will quit if:

  • If you receive less than a Fair rating for five days in a row.

Additional Info

  • Unlike previous native guides, who were unskilled outside physical or combat ability, Juan is a competent mechanic.
  • He shares Elio's atrocious marksmanship ability, and Hamous' slow speed, and so should be used strictly as a mechanic.

Like all native guides:

  • He cannot improve any skill.
  • He has the Heat Resistant trait, making him unaffected by the heat waves that regularly roll through on Metavira.
  • He can translate Hervos' message.
  • He's extremely good at avoiding and killing Metaviran eels.


  • "One be here." - Enemy spotted
  • "I be shooting here." - When shot at
  • "Gun be empty!"
  • "Dis no nice!" - When ordered to shoot a merc
  • "I be hurt. Very hurt!" - When agonizing
  • "I be in trouble. No can swim more." - When drowning
  • "I know quiet place..." - When groped

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