Joseph Papanus, known as Joe in-game is a ranking member in the service of Queen Deidranna.  He is rarely seen, says little, and appears only in certain in-game cutscenes in conversation with the Queen, and in the final sector of the game.  

There is little information about Joe otherwise, other than he seems to be some combination of a lieutenant and an enforcer or bodyguard, based on the things Deidranna says to him and asks him to do.


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Joe appears in only two cutscenes in-game, once during Elliot's report to the Queen when the mercenaries begin their approach on Meduna, and once during the cutscene that plays if one or more of the mercenaries is captured or surrenders.  In the former, the orders that are usually relayed to Elliot are instead given to Joe, along with the additional task of cleaning up the body of the presumably dead Elliot. P3: Meduna Palace

  • It is possible to bribe Joe with a sum of money when he is encountered.  This requires quick action - within the first tactical round of spotting him, a merc may run up to him and give him a large sum of cash.  If this is successfully done, he will leave you to your devices with the Queen, as opposed to fighting you.

N7: Military Base

  • Joe appears here, alongside the Queen and Elliot, if any of your mercs are captured or surrender.  As usual, he will say little.  He does, however, interact significantly with your mercs during interrogation using his fists.



According to the Jagged Alliance 2 Character Profile Editor, Joe's stats are as follows:


  • "Those mercenaries, Queen.  The ones causing all the trouble. You wanted them."
  • "Queen?"
  • "Yeah, Queen. You do.  You want me to tenderize them?"
  • "Who the hell?"
  • "Life is a bitch!"
  • "I not looking to join you!But i can be had for a price."
  • "Bet every goddamn one of you is an American.You can`t stay away out of anything can you?You sons-of-a-bitches."
  • "Enough talking!"
  • "I am going to put a huge hole in your midsection."
  • "You know how it ends.Let`s get it started."
  • "What`s your problem?"
  • "She is all yours.I`m out of here."
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